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Witches, Ghosts, And Goblins, Oh My!

Blog Post - Haunted Houses

Halloween, one of the fastest growing holidays in America, just got a little more haunted with this list of fun yet frightening haunted houses around the country. These scary good deals will only be around for a couple more weeks, so make sure to make the most of your ghoulish side this Halloween season in a city near you:

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, Calif. No one knows the horrors of the sea better than the ghosts and ghouls aboard The Queen Mary, one of the world’s best-preserved ocean liners. Journey into seven labyrinths of horror and plumb the depths of h-e-double hockey stick, accompanied by the restless spirits of former passengers and crew on this exceptional haunted house of the sea.

Zombie Train, West Sacramento and Oakdale, Calif. Take a 40-minute passenger train ride like you’ve never experienced before with this deal for one ticket to the Zombie Train: Evacuation. This isn’t your typical haunted house, but rather an innovative, frightening and exhilarating adventure full of grisly zombies looking for their next meal. All aboard who dare!

Psychosis Haunted House, Elgin, Ill. Named one of the top haunted houses in Illinois, this spooky estate has been scaring visitors since 2008. Swing by for a startling evening that will surely have you sleeping with the lights on afterward.

Midnight Terror Haunted House, Oak Lawn, Ill. Located southwest of Chicago, this spine-tingling attraction features two haunted houses with more than 30 rooms and a cast of more than 60 actors ready to freak you out. With 15 years of experience delivering spectacular haunts, we’re pretty sure they know what they’re doing.

The Asylum House, Indianapolis, Ind. If you’re looking for protection from danger, you picked the wrong type of asylum. This creeptastic haunted house will have you feeling anything but secure as you explore the four scream-worthy scenes of this macabre madhouse with its cadaverous corners and wretched residents.

Lakeville Haunted House, Lakeville, Mass. Take the fast track to terror with two tickets to a tour of the Lakeville Haunted House, which includes a fast pass to move you to the front of the line. Prepare to confront excellent evil on your choice of weekend in October — you might make it out alive, but you’ll never be the same.

Blood Manor, New York City, N.Y. Hailed by the Travel Channel as one of America’s scariest attractions, Blood Manor enters its 11th year of scaring NYC residents with some of the most hair-raising attractions around. Admittance comes with a glow stick… you’ll need it.

Spring Mountain Adventures, Spring Mount, Pa. Spring Mountain Adventures goes by a very different name during the waning twilight hours of autumn: Scream Mountain. Explore the horrifying delights of the season with this haunted mountainside adventure filled with the unexpected. Chilling chairlift rides? Yes, they do exist.

What could be a more perfect reason to hang onto your boo?