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Win April Fools’ Day with These Pranks

Ready to unleash your silly side? Whether you’re a major prankster or an amateur jokester, the LivingSocial team has whipped up the perfect gags for some big laughs on April Fools’ Day.


  • A Bittersweet Treat. Baking chocolate, found in most supermarkets, consists of pure cacao. And it’s unsweetened. The result? Offer your friend a piece—it looks and smells just like regular chocolate—and she’ll be in for a bitter surprise.
  • Smoothie Time. Grab a plastic bug: the smaller, the better. Make a healthy green smoothie—think kale, spinach, lemon, and other classic ingredients. Throw in the fake bug. Your pal will love the tasty drink… until he sees the creepy-crawly addition.
  • Ring, Ring, Ring. Pick up some tiny, low-cost alarm clocks. Our friends at Groupon offer these cute egg-shaped ones, at $5.95 each. Hide them throughout the house and set them for different times of the day.
  • Eau de Vinegar. Pick out a small bottle of your favorite scent. (The fancier, the better—try this Burberry cologne). When you’re done using it, fill it up with some vinegar and gift this “fancy” fragrance.