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The Daily Gem



We hope by now you’ve seen our sparkly new feature and gotten closer to a life of relative luxury. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Come join us and get a deal on top of a deal with the Daily Gem!

The Daily Gem is our gift to you. Each morning a personalized deal with an extra 15 percent off already great savings will appear in your daily email. Click “buy now” in the email and get a taste of the slightly finer things in life. But don’t delay – the Daily Gem discount expires at 3pm your time on the day you receive it.

Your Daily Gem is easy to spot on our website too. Once you sign into your LivingSocial account, the deal will show up right on your homepage. It’s also available at for your viewing/buying pleasure at livingsocial.com/mydailygem.

And if you don’t want today’s deal, no worries. There will be another Daily Gem in your inbox, shining bright like a (purple) diamond.