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What are the Nicest Cities in the US?



Conventional wisdom talks about Southern hospitality and Midwestern charm, and we wanted to put that notion to the test — what really are the nicest and most thoughtful cities in the United States?

To answer that question, we looked at the more than 4.5 million LivingSocial deals and Escapes that were given as gifts over the past six months to see which cities have people that think more about others rather then themselves. (What a concept!)

To keep it fair and make sure the largest cities didn’t run away with it, we used the number of gifts as a percentage of total deals bought in each market to determine the nicest and most generous cities.

Our findings? Utah shines, with two of the three most thoughtful cities. North Carolina also shows that Southern hospitality is alive and well, with two of the top ten nicest cities. Oregon tops the west coast with two cities in the top ten, too.

What are the Top Ten cities?

1.      Provo, Utah


2.      Wichita, Kansas


3.      Ogden, Utah


4.      Fort Wayne, Indiana


5.      Salem, Oregon


6.      Palm Bay, Florida


7.      Wilmington, North Carolina


8.      Stockton, California


9.      Bend, Oregon


10.  Asheville, North Carolina


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