about LivingSocial:

We Have Ourselves a Deal

Nothing seals a deal quite like a firm handshake. After placing a bet or closing a deal, it’s a sign of trust that we’ve come to expect. And although we can’t be right there with you when you make a LivingSocial purchase, we hope you’ll accept our Good Deal Guarantee as a close second.

We always work hard to bring you great deals from the best merchants. When you see a deal on our site, we want you to feel confident that your purchase will leave you with a smile. The goal of the Good Deal Guarantee is to make it easier for you to get the best value out of your LivingSocial experience — think of it as our virtual handshake with you!

With the Good Deal Guarantee, you can shop with peace of mind knowing you’re browsing quality deals and have ample time to receive refunds. If you change your mind (whatever the reason), just click “Ask for a Refund” on your ‘My Vouchers’ page to apply for an automatic refund on unredeemed, unscheduled vouchers. We know you’re busy — you don’t have to call or write — just click. And if you’d like your money back after the seventh day of purchase, we’re glad to give you Deal Bucks back for the price you paid, so long as the voucher hasn’t expired.

The Good Deal Guarantee gives you more faith in the deals we offer. That’s not only good news for LivingSocial, but also for our merchant partners. We’re continuing to work with merchants to better understand redemption trends and the reasons for refunds, so they can grow their business and keep customers like you happy.

Bottom line — we want you to keep coming back, so if you ever have trouble redeeming a voucher, let us know. Good deal? Let’s shake on it.