about LivingSocial:

Taking the “Daily” Out of “Daily Deals”

Here at LivingSocial, we spend lots of time talking to our customers and merchants about how we can improve. Merchants tell us that they want more customers, while customers say they want more ways to save with even more of the merchants they love.

Well, we’ve responded (just in case you hadn’t already noticed!) with expanded and enhanced inventory for our consumers and new tools for our merchants to run unbeatable deals.

Consumers can now browse and choose from more deals than ever before. From products and events to experiences and escapes, we’ve quadrupled the number of offers currently available on livingsocial.com and our mobile app. We’ve also redesigned our website and app to include search capabilities that make it easier for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Daily deals are also a thing of the past; with much of this great new content available longer, our customers can take their time to shop around and make their choices. (Psst – there will be a lot of them!)

Meanwhile, LivingSocial Escapes has become the go-to place to find great vacation packages. After ongoing, high demand from our travel-loving customers, our Escapes inventory enjoyed a 650 percent increase in properties and tours now available. Additionally, we’re launching Coupons, which allows consumers to access and redeem free promo codes, coupons, and information on sales from over 3,000 retailers across North America.

There is plenty in store for merchants too. We built several new tools to increase flexibility and tailor promotions to meet local businesses’ marketing needs.

Today, merchants can connect to LivingSocial consumers in more ways than ever before. Consumers get the best deals in their hometowns and on-the-go. Better business and best prices – some things never change.