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Sumo + Sushi: A Smashing Success

Sushi was served, sake was sipped, and a whopping 800 pounds of sumo-wrestling flesh battled it out during LivingSocial’s Sumo + Sushi event, which wrapped its first-ever national tour in June.

The show featured three-time World Sumo Champion Byamba Ulambayar and four-time U.S. Sumo Wrestling Champion Kelly Gneiting who taught the audience about the traditions and rules of sumo before battling it out in a series of ground-shaking sumo matches. Fun fact: Kelly holds the Guinness World Record for being the heaviest human to run a marathon.

Between each match, Byamba and Kelly fielded audience questions, giving attendees a taste of authentic Japanese culture.

A few brave volunteers from the crowd even had the chance to hop into the ring and try their luck against the wrestlers, though most crowd participants didn’t exactly emerge victoriously…

Sumo + Sushi is a truly unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere; guests left happy and called the event, quite literally, a smashing success.

Miss out on the first tour? Don’t worry! Here are the dates for the second leg of our 2013 Sumo + Sushi national tour:

LA – September 15th
San Diego– October 5-6
Orange County – October 12-13
Las Vegas – October 26-27
LA – November 2-3
San Francisco – November 16-17
Portland – December 7-8
Seattle – December 14-15