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Stay Motivated with Your New Year’s Resolutions!

25 days down and only six days left until the end of the month. How are we feeling about 2017? New year, new you is a phrase that may seem trite, but the meaning behind it shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a chance to start over and commit to a healthier lifestyle or strive towards a life goal.

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If your new goal is to get fit or stay fit, perhaps switching up your workout routine is the perfect way to stay motivated. Instead of going to the same gym, try out a local studio that offers a variety of fitness classes. Studio Novo in Nashville is offering a package of five or ten fitness classes – the perfect amount of classes to sample before committing to a new workout routine.

For those striving to complete their first 5K, you may know there are a multitude of races to enter, however, maybe what is stopping you is the thought of training for a lengthy, long-distance run on an otherwise free weekend morning.

Night Nation Run is making running fun by illuminating its 5k run at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, Calif. with laser light shows, beats, and top EDM DJs. Participants will be able to run or dance their way through multiple stages throughout the race course. Not only will you look forward to the main event, but you’ll be breezing through your 5k as if it’s just another night out with your friends.

Although dedicating more time to health and fitness is a common New Year’s resolution, it’s not the only aspect of your life you can improve on.

Perhaps, this is the year you’ll want to pick up on some more life skills. Taking a course at a local university or college is one of the best ways to continue learning, but it might just not fit into your schedule.

SkillSuccess offers a variety of online courses that ranges from photography for beginners to an exotic Thai cooking course that can be completed at your own pace on your own time.

Make the steps towards achieving your goals this year realistic and fun to keep you motivated throughout the year.