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Stay Fit Season: Winter Dance Lessons

We are all in hibernation mode and it’s easy to be lazy rather than active. But with spring less than a month away, summer will creep up on us sooner than you know it! Why not get a head start on working on your “summer bod”? We’ve listed some fun dance classes for you to enjoy, instead of the typical workout. Keep reading to see if any of these classes are located in a chilly city near you.57cbd94a-0f65-492e-90d9-153f582e4f77-300_q50

If you’re near the New York or New Jersey area, we’ve got a special treat for you. Choose from five Belly Dancing classes for one person or 10 classes for two people that includes a take-home DVD. This one-hour class will be sure to help burn some calories and get you in shape. Award-winning, certified fitness instructor Amira Mor lives up to her reputation with professional dance skills, and she will help you get in tune with your inner dancer while providing a great workout. Grab a partner or dance solo with this flirty and fun class for all!

Over in the Midwest, there’s a great deal on a mix and match of five-or-ten Tango and Ballet classes of your choice. Tango 21 in Chicago offers Argentine tango and classical ballet taught by skilled professionals nightly. These adult group classes are good for one person or make the experience more interesting with a voucher for a friend and take the class together. With three different locations in Chicago to choose from, you will be able to conveniently find which one will work best for your schedule. Take advantage of this deal now while theres still time.

Spice it up with salsa lessons in D.C. We’re offering four one-hour group Salsa lessons for just $19.99! This is a 50% savings on this deal. Dance In Time Productions has performed in a number of different cities including Miami, London and Puerto Rico. They’ve also produced many shows in the D.C. area at the Verizon Center and Convention Center. This will be  a great start to working out as salsa is great for cardio. Our advice: purchase this deal, learn some great dance moves and have some fun!