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When in Rome…

This post is part of our Escapes Editor’s Picks series, where LivingSocial travel expert Nick Stafford talks about great destinations to travel and tour.

Try as we might, one lifetime may not be enough to savor all that the world has to offer. From trekking in eco-paradise Patagonia, basking in the history of Istanbul’s blue mosque, crossing paths with good storytellers in Ireland, or rugged adventurers in the American West… with so much to experience, travelers have every right to be picky.

No worries – LivingSocial’s summer wanderlust collection offers a menu of places to go and experience in full splendor. Pick your pleasure; we’ll match it with a destination faster than you can fetch your suitcase. Looking to relax? Choose from serene palm-lined beaches in Costa Rica, or your own cozy cabin on Eagle Lake, ME. Want history? Walk the halls of the Beijing’s Imperial Palace or stand in the footsteps of ancient gladiators in Rome.

Who are your travel pals? For a group of girlfriends, the royal magic of London – complete with unparalleled shopping and museums – may be the ticket. Family time could mean a bike adventure in the Berkshires. A once in a lifetime experience with your main squeeze? Look no further than a weeklong culinary tour in the south of France. Oui oui!

With trips ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks, many with flights options, and the LivingSocial value you’ve come to expect, the world is your oyster with this Escapes collection.

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