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Recipe for Learning

Food tastes better when you eat it with your family.

LivingSocial merchant, Yvette Garfield, author & creator of the Los Angeles-based Handstand Kids Cookbook Company, couldn’t agree more. Her company produces books and accessories designed to bring families together to prepare and enjoy healthy meals from all over the world. We spoke with her to learn more about her mission.

Tell us a bit about your business.

On a long flight back from India, I thought about how cool it would be if I could bring back a cookbook for my younger cousins to teach them about the wonderful food, culture, and language I had just experienced on my trip. After finishing law school, I came up with the idea for Handstand Kids Cookbook Company — creating cookbooks for kids to give them a hands-on introduction to amazing cultures around the world. We now have country cookbooks featuring Mexico, Italy and China, and another focusing on baking around the globe.

We also have a line of accessories, including aprons, kid-friendly utensils and chef hats, which help bring the family together in the kitchen to spend time together while preparing healthy foods.

What role does your business play in your community?

I love the idea that food—especially healthy food—can bring the entire family together in the kitchen and around the table.  This idea has resonated well with our customers. We try to inspire children to cook dishes to donate to local hospitals and soup kitchens or to bake goodies for our troops abroad.  We also love to help families create unique birthday parties and after-school activities based on our cookbooks.

Tell us about your experience with LivingSocial. 

Initially many of my friends suggested I sign up for LivingSocial because of the great deals that are offered on quality products. In addition, as a small business owner, LivingSocial became a great way for me to introduce Handstand Kids to a very large audience. It is also very helpful for me to review immediate customer feedback on new products. As of now, we have run promotions five or six times with LivingSocial.

What kind of customers do you see when you are running a deal with LivingSocial? 

LivingSocial connects us with the right customers. They are pretty diverse, but one thing they all share is an appreciation for our specialty items when they are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for their friends and families.

What are some tips for companies to achieve the best results of working with LivingSocial? 

It is important to think about offering the right quantity and price point that allows everyone to be successful with this deal. Also, it is key to use the exposure that LivingSocial brings to your advantage — don’t think just about selling products but also gaining brand awareness amongst such a large audience.

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