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Faster, Better, and Tons More Fun: iPhone and iPad app update


We’re always looking to bring you the best local offers, deals on incredible vacations, unique products, and can’t-miss events.

Today we’ve made it easier than ever to find and redeem all that good stuff with our new and improved iPhone and iPad app. Allow us to walk you through it:

Easier Navigation – search for deals from the homepage with a simple swipe of the finger.

Faster, More Useful Offer Pages – Product pages load quicker and offer you more information, including maps and merchant contact information.

Deals Where You Are – Looking for something to do while away on vacation? Want a great dinner deal nearby? Our app lets you see the deals closest to you using geo-location so you can save money at home or on the road.

Customized Shopping – Shop by category to access your favorite deals.  We’ve also highlighted the deals that are ending soon so you never miss out on the hottest offers.

No More Printing Vouchers – How eco-friendly of you! Vouchers can be added directly to your Passbook account so you’ll never forget a coupon. You can also now redeem coupon offerings that require no upfront payment through the app.

Try it for yourself: use promo code MOBILE20 for 20% off your next purchase. Simply enter MOBILE20 during the purchase process and hit apply (good through March 16 at 11:59pm PST; valid on mobile app purchases only.)

What are the Nicest Cities in the US?



Conventional wisdom talks about Southern hospitality and Midwestern charm, and we wanted to put that notion to the test — what really are the nicest and most thoughtful cities in the United States?

To answer that question, we looked at the more than 4.5 million LivingSocial deals and Escapes that were given as gifts over the past six months to see which cities have people that think more about others rather then themselves. (What a concept!)

To keep it fair and make sure the largest cities didn’t run away with it, we used the number of gifts as a percentage of total deals bought in each market to determine the nicest and most generous cities.

Our findings? Utah shines, with two of the three most thoughtful cities. North Carolina also shows that Southern hospitality is alive and well, with two of the top ten nicest cities. Oregon tops the west coast with two cities in the top ten, too.

What are the Top Ten cities?

1.      Provo, Utah


2.      Wichita, Kansas


3.      Ogden, Utah


4.      Fort Wayne, Indiana


5.      Salem, Oregon


6.      Palm Bay, Florida


7.      Wilmington, North Carolina


8.      Stockton, California


9.      Bend, Oregon


10.  Asheville, North Carolina


Learn more about LivingSocial gifting here — and remember — it’s better to give than to receive!

Encore-Worthy Deals

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We’re making big moves on Broadway with a new NYC Theater Guide. We are raising the curtain on some fantastic deals, and shining the spotlight on ways to save even more while living it up in Midtown. Grab a choice seat at a premiere or score tickets to a timeless classic. Here are a few to choose from:

All The Way – Three-time Emmy®-award winner Bryan Cranston stars in his debut Broadway role as Lyndon B. Johnson in his first year of office. Heisenberg playing the leader of the free world? This we can’t wait to see.

Cinderella – “Call Me Maybe” songbird Carly Rae Jepsen graces the stage as the rags-to-riches lead in this Rodgers & Hammerstein classic. The show also stars America’s most famed nanny, Fran Drescher.

Disney’s Newsies – Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards® for Best Score and Best Choreography, this spirited musical is based on the New York newsboys strike of 1899 gives audiences “Something to Believe In.”

Rocky – This quintessential underdog story was produced by the original Rocky Balboa himself, Sylvester Stallone. While the story is rooted in south Philly, it has has made its way to the Big Apple. Look out for both uppercut punches and pirouettes in this ring.

Be sure to look out for deals with the ‘Me + 3’ logo and bring three of your understudies (or family) to get your ticket for free! Now that’s a reason to flash those jazz hands.

Also, check out this gallery of LivingSocial hotel deals to find a room for your NYC visit.

Get a Room

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With 17 out of the 20 largest hotels in the US and more than 39 million visitors a year, Las Vegas is a showboat if we’ve ever seen one.

Bright and bold, the city boasts 15,000 combined miles of neon tubing on the Strip and Downtown, and the average visitor clocks almost four hours a day of gambling.

Because you’ve been saving up to win big at one of the city’s casinos, it’s a good thing you have us to help you budget your stay at a luxury resort — no luck needed.

Take the opulent ARIA Resort & Casino, boasting glass corridors and floor to ceiling windows. Or the iconic Bellagio hotel, with 5 pools and the renowned fountain. For pure luxe, try the Four Seasons Hotel, which occupies the top floors of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

If you’re feeling really crazy during your stay — or just head over heels in love — viva Las Vegas weddings! With over 300 nuptials a day, Vegas is one of the most popular spots in the world to get hitched.

While you are out of your luck with this one (as it is 2014), the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority says that the most coveted wedding dates in Vegas are those with repeating numbers. For example, 07/07/07 was a huge day for lovebirds due to its implied luckiness (the ultimate jackpot) and the fact that it landed on a Saturday.

Not quite ready for your own till death do us part? Plan the best bachelor or bachelorette party ever! Get a room… maybe a few… find a spare ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) and hit the town. And always remember, “what happens…”




“The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.” ~Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 4.10.10 PM


We are food obsessed here at LivingSocial and we know we aren’t alone. The lure of spice has launched voyages for millennia. Humans love food and we will travel for it. Fortunately, all you need to do is choose a flavor and point and click to enjoy some of our favorite food destinations around the world.

New York is the restaurant capital of the world. Not only does the town boast every type of food conceived by man, it’s also available 24 hours a day. Just choose a neighborhood — uptown, downtown, midtown — and walk two blocks in any direction. The same is true for the City of Lights where you can indulge in the best of your arrondissement. Follow your nose to an aromatic tagine in the Marias, the perfect apricot tart at Bastille, or a paper-thin crepe at a café in Montemartre.

For more cutting-edge flavor, look no further than the pop-up eateries and fleets of food trucks in Austin, Texas, and Portland, Oregon. Both hipster heavens are home to crazy geniuses who push every kind of food envelope that exist. Expect surprising taste combinations and international mashups. Graze your way through kimchi quesadillas and Viking soul food and wash them down with a locally brewed IPA or a transcendent pinot noir.

If your spice road heads decidedly East and you need to satisfy your insatiable craving for Tom Yum Goong, look no further than this amazing getaway to the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok.

Then there’s Italy. Picture yourself arriving at a costal farmhouse where you learn to make some classic dishes of the Emilia-Romagna region, the cradle of artisanal ingredients. Wandering out only to the winery.

Travel Tuesday, you have made us hungry.

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