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Mother’s Day Gifting, Done Right



Mom’s gonna love anything you give her. But why make Mother’s Day a snooze? Instead, liven up her special day with these 5 unique gifting ideas, handpicked by the LivingSocial team.


1. Rock Climbing

Got a mom that likes fitness? Skip the routine jog and opt for an exciting new challenge. A rock-climbing lesson—only $19—is the perfect way to start a shared hobby (and feel the burn).

2. Roses? Champagne? Facial? Yes, Please

Ordinary facials are great, but when it comes to treating Mom, you have to go above-and-beyond. That’s where the pros at this Miami spa come in: serving up some cool bubbly, expert estheticians will revitalize pores with naturally beautifying rose petals.

3. Sunbathing Underneath the Puerto Rican Sky

A quick trip down to the Caribbean doesn’t need to make your wallet cry. LivingSocial teams up with some of the best hotels in the region to deliver low prices for any kind of stay—no matter what your budget is like. Check out the historic Caribe Hilton, loved for its seaside views and dedication to luxury hospitality.

4. Chic Shades

Is Mom a fashionista? If so, these sunglasses from Tiffany & Co. are the perfect find. With a simple frame design, plus plenty of color options, the shades give off a timelessly stylish look that she’ll love.

5. Language Learning

Give Mom a new lifelong skill, a new language—LivingSocial offers tons of online courses. You can also grab an in-person class, like this one in LA.