about LivingSocial:

LivingSocial Helps Shoppers Stay Connected with New Businesses

Good news for merchants also means good news for you. LivingSocial is now arming our thousands of merchant partners with a new suite of communications tools with the launch of Connect today. Connect enables businesses of all sizes and industry to have more ways to easily engage customers like you through LivingSocial, as well as give you great new reasons to become a loyal fan of those businesses. With Connect, our merchants can:

  • Send you personalized thank you and reminder emails about your deal;
  • Follow up after you redeem your voucher, with potential for additional incentives when you return as a customer, like a free menu item or half off a new service; and
  • Review customer ratings and respond to comments and questions one-on-one.

Between you and your chosen merchants, LivingSocial Connect just might be the start of a beautiful new relationship.