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LivingSocial Coupons: No Scissors Necessary

More than 3,800 of your favorite brand retailers have been added to the LivingSocial Coupons page, offering more than 15,000 coupons since we announced the pilot in mid-September.

Ask LivingSocial users why they use us and they invariably say, “I like your deals.” Consumers simply want great deals from the brands they love, and Coupons is a new avenue of getting more of what you want. Home & garden, apparel, food & restaurants, holidays, electronics, travel, wedding, pets, movies & music, books, are among the 27 jam-packed categories of cost savings.

With LivingSocial Coupons, we’ve taken our online marketplace one step further. Consumers can access and redeem free promo codes, get instant dollars off, and gather information on sales from leading retailers across North America. According to eMarketer, 92.5MM people redeemed a digital coupon in 2012 that figure is expected to exceed 100MM by 2014. For use online or offline, there are big savings in store for LivingSocial customers.

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