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Gone are the days of paper and pencil – the digital world is where it’s at. Come with us behind the binary curtain to learn with Mammouth Interactive how to walk the walk and talk code.

Founder John Bura graduated college and after experiencing a difficult job search, began teaching himself the coding language C# with only a DVD guide. In 2010, he released his own XBOX 360 game and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Bura runs Mammouth Interactive with the hopes of helping others of varying coding experience to undergo the same success. He’s one of the top Udemy instructors of all time, and the four most popular classes he offers are one-hour classes in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

One of his most successful students is Jay Salton, who created Monsters Unleased, in which a wizard duels undead monsters. Salton created his first game only one week after he found Mammouth Interactive’s HTML5 course online. “When people like Jay release their own app,” Bura says, “we know that we are doing our job correctly.”

The goal of Mammouth, says Bura, is “to give our customers the same experience of zero to hero without breaking the bank.” His deal on LivingSocial includes lifetime access to the classes and even has an option for a kids’ bundle.

Head back to school this fall, and make your coding skills shine. Register for Mammouth Interactive’s coding classes here.

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