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Intern Interruption: Back-to-School Picks

iStock_000057270126_SmallFortunately or unfortunately for college students, “the endless summer” is only a state of mind… time for the annual trek back to campus! With the long academic year comes a laundry list of dorm room must-haves that can break the bank unless you shop smart. No one appreciates the value of a dollar like a college student, so we asked LivingSocial interns about some of their favorite back-to-school essentials. Check out their picks, and then head over to our Back-to-School collection for even more deals to help crafty college students save for the semester.


My favorite Back-to-School deal is definitely the MLB Earbuds. Doesn’t matter where I am, I want everyone to know I’m a SF Giants fan!
Julia, digital marketing

I’d choose the gourmet 12-piece silicone and ceramic utensil set. I’ll be in an apartment this semester, and this deal makes it easy to get all the basic cooking utensils for my kitchen in one purchase.
Mackenzie, accounting

Bluetooth headphones get a lot of criticism, but they can be great for running or the gym. The wire doesn’t get tangled, and the charge can usually last for a few days. 
Jason, product

I take tons of pictures on campus that take up a lot space on my phone and laptop. The picture keeper USB photo drive automatically saves all my photos to one place and would save me so much time and precious hard drive space.
Harmeet, communications

The personalized pillowcase would be my top choice because my pillow case has gotten old, and I’ll need to buy a new one for the start of school. Also, students like to start school with fresh, clean, and perfect dorm rooms.
Praveen, data science

My favorite deal is the portable window solar charger. My roommate is an environmental studies major, and I think that lots of millennials – particularly college kids – are really concerned about the environment. This is such a fun and savvy way to hop on the environmentally-friendly trend, plus there are never enough outlets in the library.
Alice, consumer marketing

The Bluetooth shower speaker means I get music in the shower! Bathing will never be so much fun!
Sumanth, product

My favorite LivingSocial deal from the Back-to-School collection is the two free months of Audible.com.  I’ve been looking into getting a membership for a while now, so this is a great way for me to try out the site and see if I like it!
Allison, accounting