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Holidays Just Got Way More Fun – Meet Elizabeth!

Cliché as it may be, I am a straight-up sucker for everything holiday, from Thanksgiving right up through New Years. I won’t lie — for me that includes gift giving… and receiving. I’m pretty obsessed with finding the perfect present for everyone on my list. I love perfect.

But even my sparkle and enthusiasm doesn’t suppress the stress that comes from searching for great gifts. This is hard work but let’s face it, I love watching someone open that favorite gift. From me, of course.

I bet there are plenty of people out there in the exact same pickle. That’s where LivingSocial (and yours truly) comes in.

From now through the holidays, I’m going to share my gift giving know-how with ideas for every type of shopper. Maybe you are the early and highly-organized type. As luck would have it, thousands of deals are live on LivingSocial right now. Shopping on a budget? We’ve got coupons to help you save on your favorite brands and stores. And for those frenzied, last-minute shoppers that can’t stand the crowds, LivingSocial has new, sleek email gift vouchers.

Whatever your shopping style and pace, we’ve got you covered. And we are going to make you look pretty darn awesome while you’re at it… a true holiday hero.

While we’re on holiday heroes, we wanted to give you the scoop on a brand new contest to help you recognize yours. Who is your hero? You know, that person in your life who makes the holidays — or any day — extra special for you. Tell us about them and they could win big prizes.

We’ll be sharing more details soon, so check back here — Facebook and Twitter too — for the latest on the contest as well as for helpful hints on great LivingSocial deals, coupons, and events. Pretty sure you’ll see at least a few things you can’t resist snagging for yourself. (It always happens to me!)

Until next time,