about LivingSocial:

Good Deal Guarantee boosts confidence for Shoppers

Here at LivingSocial, we strive to delight both our customers and our merchants — especially around the holidays.

So today we’re launching our Good Deal Guarantee to assure you that we are strengthening our commitment to you and increasing your LivingSocial satisfaction.

What does this all mean? We want our customers to shop with confidence when buying our Local & Shop Voucher Deals. The Good Deal Guarantee offers customers more time to receive refunds when making returns and makes it easier for both consumers and merchants to get great value from their LivingSocial experience.

As always, customers can still get a refund within seven days of purchase with no questions asked. After the seven days, the refund period for unredeemed vouchers is now extended up until the expiration date of the promotional value of the deal, which we will honor with Deal Bucks to be used toward anything on our site.

Now, more than ever, you can shop knowing that LivingSocial’s got you covered. Plus, our merchant partners will also be happy knowing that this will increase the value we offer to them and bring more high-quality customers (like you!) to their businesses.

Sounds like a Good Deal to us.