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Get Naked at the Zoo for Valentine’s Day

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Think outside the chocolate box this Valentine’s Day.

Show your true love with the help of one of the sexiest little beasts residing at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC — the naked mole rat.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, our neighbors at the National Zoo are offering this exclusive deal with LivingSocial. For $10, you can symbolically adopt and gift a naked mole rat to the valentine of your choice. The lucky recipient will be given a certificate of adoption, as well as a heartwarming (and cleverly cheeky) e-card of your choice.

The National Zoo’s Adopt a Species program was established in 1997 to help enrich zoo programs in science, education and animal care. Today, the National Zoo is home to more than 1,800 animals from 300 species, and proceeds from your e-adoption will aid in the conservation and care of animals at the Zoo and around the world.

The naked mole rat has stolen our hearts.