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LivingSocial’s Fourth Anniversary

On Saturday, July 27, LivingSocial celebrates the fourth anniversary of our first ever deal. It’s crazy to think of how far we’ve come since that great day four years ago. Hungrily working out of a (mostly unfurnished) Chinatown loft, we were excited to build something that would energize local commerce.

In case you don’t know the story, the first merchant we ever worked with was Zengo, a fusion restaurant in the Chinatown district of Washington, DC. For $25, consumers could buy a voucher good for $50 worth of food and drink.

For the next couple years, we ran the same deal around the same date to see how consumers would react. Here’s how the years stacked up:

  • 2009 run: 54 vouchers sold
  • 2010 run: 5,072 vouchers sold
  • 2011 run: 6,088 vouchers sold

Today, LivingSocial has connected customers to all four Zengo locations (DC, NY, Denver, and Santa Monica) — a grand total of 34,591 vouchers sold to new and repeat customers.

Though it’s fun to marvel at the power of our platform, that’s not what matters most. It’s about you — our merchants and consumers.

Whether you’ve been with us since the earliest days, or just discovered us last week, thank you. Please join us in wearing a party hat. You deserve it.