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Mark your calendars and prep your taste buds: Food Day is right around the corner. Every year on October 24, Food Day celebrates healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.

Food Day started a movement aimed at bringing people to their local farm markets from fast food lines, teaching kids how to cook and build common ground for better eating overall.

This year, Food Day will promote thousands of local events in all shapes and sizes. They’ll take place in restaurants and on rooftops, in school cafeterias and on college campuses. They’ll be in all 50 states. There’s even an event in New York City’s Times Square, where event participants will aim to set a record for simultaneous bites of an apple.

We signed up too. LivingSocial will host a series of Food Day events at 918 F Street in Washington, DC in October. In the meantime, check out Food Day’s website, events near you (or host your own) and stay tuned to hear more about the upcoming schedule at 918 F Street.