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Five Spring Break Destinations You Probably Haven’t Thought About

Who says college students are the only ones that need a break from harsh winters? If you’re looking for somewhere to go this spring but are worried about being mobbed by ravers, don’t fret! We’ve hand-picked five unique destinations perfect for grown-ups seeking the ideal spring Escape. 588a6073-dedf-47f8-b291-72f7a3ed44f1-700

For all of you fitness nuts, we suggest you keep up with those New Year’s resolution #goals with a friendly retreat near the Sonoma Coast. At Ratna Ling Retreat Center, you’ll not only find plenty of beautiful hiking, biking, and walking trails that lead straight to the mighty Pacific, you’ll also be treated to five organic farm-to-table vegetarian meals. The retreat even offers meditation and yoga classes for inspiration on finding your peaceful center.

588ba892-22b3-4fc0-b4c1-c82d303f5317-700If you’re in search of a more secluded vacation spot, check out one of these Escapes to the Catskills or off-season Cape May. Just over two hours away from New York City, Cuomo’s Cove is nestled into the heart of the “Land in the Sky.” Find homey touches like fireplaces and Jacuzzi tubs, plus skylights, open floors plans, and wood décor at this cozy retreat. If the Catskills are a little too mountainous for your taste, head to Carroll Villa Bed & Breakfast Hotel, a beachfront property at family-friendly Cape May. Take a walk on the deserted beaches and check out cute cafés and picturesque storefronts before the noisy crowds begin to swarm the Jersey Shore.

5898ad30-aa8d-4b22-b821-4d1c7960e575-700Maybe the US is getting a bit too familiar for you. If that’s the case, we advise a trip to roads less traveled by—specifically, a ten-day trip to Peru or an eight-day trip to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Hit up Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca with an English-speaking tour guide who’ll take you through the ropes of the history and culture of this vibrant country. Or, see the best of old-world Europe in three of its most spectacular cities. Both trips are flight-inclusive and include meals, overnight accommodations, and much more.5898ca03-da28-47ff-9bf6-3980df4571dd-700

If you are looking for that Caribbean cruise or trip to South Beach this spring (we don’t judge), you’ll be sure to find awesome discounts for any occasion on our travel deals page. No matter the trip you choose, be sure to send us a picture! We’ll be having #wanderlust for days.