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The Dirt on Dating in America

As part of our #socialsummer, we partnered with Harris to get a glimpse into American dating and spending habits. What did we learn? Saving is sexy and you don’t have to pay full-price for a great time! In fact, 110 million people said that using a coupon on a first date is perfectly acceptable.

But that wasn’t all that we found. Apparently, older gentlemen have the busiest dating schedules, according to the research. Men over the age of 65 were twice as likely as men ages 35-64 to go on 5-10 dates each month. It may be about time you took a few tips from the old(er) man!

We also saw that date nights are a big deal! When compared with unmarried people, more married people are going out on dates. Or could it be that those who’ve tied the knot are simply likelier to classify activities done together as dates.

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Dating Survey Infographic


For information on our survey’s methodology, please click here.

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