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daily gem


This summer, LivingSocial is giving you a deal on top of a deal with the Daily Gem. Each morning we deliver a personalized, feature deal to your inbox with an extra 15 percent off already great savings. If you like what you see, buy fast because the Daily Gem discount only lasts until 3pm your time. Since the deals are hand-picked just for you, make sure to set your preferences so that we know your likes and interests. Start your day every day this summer by visiting LivingSocial to uncover your Daily Gem.

Never miss your Daily Gem — check that you’ve done the following:

  • Sign up to become a LivingSocial member.
  • When you visit our website, ensure you are logged in to your account.
  • Set your preferences for a daily email for your city of choice.
  • Check the clock – remember, your Daily Gem only lasts till 3pm local time!

Done, done, done, and done? Today’s Daily Gem is yours to behold.