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A Class Act

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Mid-summer means back-to-school is approaching, but kids don’t have to be the only ones preparing to hit the books. You may want to advance your career, but with the live wire that is your life, it’s hard to imagine spending hours a week in a classroom. With more than 6 million people enrolled in online classes in the last decade, the rise of online education has made it a breeze for all adults to learn new skillsets at a pace that best suits them. Check out a few of these LivingSocial online class deals to help you climb the corporate ladder with confidence.

Basic training courses give entrepreneurs or business beginners a running start in the rat race of finance. This Microsoft Excel course uses a diagnostic tool to build a custom syllabus and helps hone the exact skills you’ll need to succeed every day on the job. Whether you’re just starting out or a pro, you’ll be in a better position to close a sale with a one-month class in digital marketing taught in 10 live sessions by industry experts, lecturers, and tutors. Grab the Wall Street bull by its horns with this CPD-certified stock trading crash course, which covers topics like risk management and analysis and is offered in 11 languages.

Show, don’t tell, your clients what you know with a certificate in your field. Expand your artistic horizons and clout with a photography certification like this one, which offers hours of live online instruction for students of all levels. You are what you eat, and you’ll be able to prove it with a diploma in personal nutrition, created and taught by industry-leading dieticians specializing in food composition, diet, exercise, and sport nutrition.

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