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At Caesars Palace, Your Throne Awaits You

This post is part of our Escapes Editor’s Picks series, where LivingSocial travel expert Nick Stafford talks about great destinations to travel and tour.

When you stay at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, you are not a mere guest – you are the one wearing the golden laurel crown yourself! You float above the cheerful mobs, on your own private cloud of lavish comfort. Where fine marble bathrooms and Italian bed linens await you in your emperor-sized bedroom, where the Roman baths (spas may be a more familiar term) with saunas and cascading waterfalls are just steps away, and where private passageways lead you to the gardens and pools.

This award-wining hotel offers an unmatched level of luxury. What’s more, all that luxury is just a stone’s throw away from one of the best restaurants in Vegas — the very French Guy Savoy — and one of the most elegant and spacious pools in Sin City. Don’t feel like going out? Order champagne using Caesars Palace smartphone app and relax in your own in-room spa tub.

Then, if you must, step off your cloud and partake in all the excitement Vegas has to offer. Start your evening at one of the Strip’s famed bars or clubs, move on to the all-you-can-gamble casino buffet, or take your pick from the myriad of spectacular shows — shows that put the Roman Circus to shame. If all the hustle and bustle is not your cup of tea, wander outside the city gates to the amazing array of natural wonders nearby, such as Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire.

Bottom line: whether you’re the Vegas type or neophyte, amateur gambler or Elvis impersonator, the one who wants to go or has to go, with the Caesars Palace deal, it’s a gamble you are sure to win.

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