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America’s Most Thrill-Seeking Cities


Who lives on the edge? You know, the kind of person that really relishes in risk and the promise of adventure.

LivingSocial wanted to know where the gutsiest guys and gals lived in the US and what they did for that rush of excitement.

To answer the question, we looked at all of the most adventurous deals and escapes (think race-car driving, hot air ballooning, flying lessons, rock climbing, race entries, surfing and diving, etc.) purchased this year by LivingSocial shoppers.

While sporty states like Colorado made the cut, the top adventure-seeking city will surprise you!

Topping our list was the City of Brotherly Love. Yep, Philadelphia is the city that seeks the most thrill — perhaps everyone there is of the Rock-strength mentality? Beyond Philly, Southern California is home to the second, third and eighth place cities and counties (San Diego, LA and Orange County), making California the top state. And in the age old East Coast/West Coast rivalry, it’s close, but the West Coast is home to slightly more thrill seeking cities/counties including San Diego, LA, Denver, Orange County and Phoenix.

Here are the cities and areas that are home to the most thrill seekers – no double-dog-dare required:

1.       Philadelphia, Penn.

2.       San Diego, Calif.

3.       Los Angeles, Calif.

4.       Denver, Colo.

5.       Washington D.C.

6.       Chicago, Ill.

7.       Atlanta, Ga.

8.       Orange County, Calif.

9.       Miami, Fla.

10.     Phoenix, Ariz.


The top five thrilling-seeking states are:

1.       California

2.       Pennsylvania

3.       Colorado

4.       Illinois

5.       Georgia


One thing most these thrill-seekers can agree on – no matter where they live — is taking to the water for a shot of adrenaline. The top four adventure deals include: kayaking, deep-sea fishing, and whitewater rafting.

No matter where you live, put yourself to the challenge by checking that next adventure off your bucket list. LivingSocial’s deals may be just the ticket.