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Adieu, Clutter: How to Reorganize Your Space in 3 Days

Keeping your living space organized isn’t exactly easy. After all—you’re pretty busy. But taming the clutter beast doesn’t have to be tough. In fact, you can transform your home by following this simple, three-day plan.

Day 1: Assess, Toss, and Clean

Woman cleaning the counter

Inhale. Exhale. The mess isn’t that bad. Mind over matter!

Write down your goals for getting organized. What needs to be addressed? What needs to go? Compile your old books, knick-knacks, décor, and more—then, call a pro junk service to carry away the stuff. Later on, have a cleaning team swing by to scrub down your space, removing allergens and dust. You can also grab this state-of-the-art vacuum to attack the messiness on your own.


Day 2: Less Stressing, More Sorting


OK—now that everything is cleaned out, your next step is to reorganize things in useful storage spaces. Keep your food tucked away in these neat, airtight containers. Then, tackle the cosmetics with this makeup organizer, designed to keep track of stray lipsticks, brushes, and more.


Try putting your stray items in these personalized glass jars. They’re meant for cookies and snacks, but are also perfect for pencils, notes, change, and other small goods.

These Monogram Online jars are an organizer's best friend.

These Monogram Online jars are an organizer’s best friend.


Day 3: Redecorate, finally!

Woman Using Spirit Level

Now that you’ve made space, you’re finally free to bring in some new accents to your home. Towels are always a welcome addition, or keep it simple with personalized canvas art. By creating something new in your freshly organized space, you’ll bring positive, calm energy into your home that’ll make everyone feel great.

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