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5 Reasons to Love Restaurants Plus in D.C.

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After launching in Atlanta in mid-September, LivingSocial Restaurants Plus has landed in the nation’s capital, here to help you earn cashback as you wine and dine your way through D.C. To celebrate, registered diners – yes, you – can earn up to $20 cashback at LivingSocial’s #SocialHour event from 3pm to midnight on the evening of TONIGHT when you dine at participating Plus restaurants.

1. Cha-ching! Earn as you go.
Sign up and enjoy cashback when you eat and drink at more than 140 restaurants, bars, and cafés in the area. Our restaurant partners set a discount that varies throughout the day (starting at 10 percent) — look it up anytime to determine what you’ll save. Then, when you use your activated card to pay for your meal, you’ll get a text or email letting you know exactly how much cashback to expect.

2. Check what’s closeby.
Hanging out on H Street NE? Head to Sticky Rice. On U Street? Lost Society is on the list. Aiming to end up in AdMo? Earn cashback at Bourbon. Check out which local spots are offering the best savings, no matter where you are. Simply use the map tool to search by proximity or rewards, and you’ll be able to decide where you want to drink or dine.

3. No printing or fumbling for your phone.
Eat, swipe, earn. It’s that simple. You don’t have to prove you’re a part of the program or present any sort of voucher or code to show that you qualify for savings. Just join, and when you accrue $10 in savings, you’ll receive your payout on your selected card.

4. You can use it on a date…
… and your date won’t even have to know! Once you activate your card, you can use it at any of our participating establishments. Swipe your card at the end of the meal, and only you will be privy to exactly how much you save when you get your text or email notification.

5. Jumbo Pizza, brunch, or happy hour — need we say more?
In D.C., there’s always an opportunity for epicurean delight, so whether you’re noshing on Sunday morning, grabbing lunch, having happy hour after work, or chowing down late at night, you can turn your cravings into savings without thinking twice about it.