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2017 Beauty Trends: What’s In This Winter?

A new year also means new beauty trends (and the return of familiar classics). So what’s worth trying in 2017?

beautyLong hair, don’t care.

Long locks are in this year, as are top braids, so let that hair grow. Of course, we know that also means added maintenance. Keep your split ends at bay with our local hair salon deals.

Gloss, gloss, gloss.

This is your year to sparkle! Whether with just a little glimmer or a lot of shine, the glossy look can be flattering on just about anyone. That means eye shadow, of course, but it also means glossy lips and even cheekbones.


Say what? Microblading is the art of brow embroidery intended to leave you with semi-permanently looking beautiful brows – results last up to a year! If your new to the idea and want to give it a shot, we’ve got microblading deals all over – from Beaverton, OR to Costa Mesa, CA (and probably in your city too).

Chrome nails.

These have been trending on Pinterest, up by 50% each month since summer! Expect the trend to keep growing in 2017.

Fashionable phone cases.

Purses are out, phone cases are in. Many of today’s phone cases include space to store credit cards, IDs, and more with designer looks increasingly inspiring the designs of the cases themselves.

Pretty in pink.

Think makeup AND fashion with this one. We’re talking a soft pink for the eyes and cheekbones, and statement outfits in all your favorite pink shades. The options are endless!


Corsets are making a comeback in 2017. Wear them with high waisted jeans or big fluffy jackets – and over your clothes, not under them, to pull off the look in true 2017 style.

An 80’s comeback.

Many are even saying 80s fashion will be the biggest fashion trend we see this year. Could Stranger Things be playing a part? Maybe. Either way, you can expect to see slouchy trousers, off-the-shoulder Ts , luxury athletic attire, ruffles, and chokers back out in 2017.


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