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Who’s Leaving on a Jet Plane?


Who doesn’t have a little wanderlust from time to time? We wanted to find out which US cities have the most Jet Setters: people ready to get up and go, explore, fly away… in a word, escape.

To find out, we looked at the number of LivingSocial Escapes purchased to determine which cities had the highest percentages over the past three and a half years. We used the number of travel deals purchased as a percentage of total deals bought by location to determine which areas have people that can’t wait to get away, and where they’d rather stay home. While some of the results are what you would expect, we did unearth some interesting surprises.

Home to some of our most beloved customers, the great Northwest has people packing their bags. Six of our top ten Jet Setting markets are in Oregon and Washington state.

Also not shockingly, we found that people in Honolulu were the least likely to travel. (Can you blame them?) And of course, it must be the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico that keep people in Florida and Louisiana happy at home.

On the flip side, people in two locales in sunny Cali (Monterey Bay and Stockton) have no hesitation to leave the warm weather and head out on vacation. Finally, we loved that Cornhuskers are loyal — two cities in Nebraska top the list of the least likely to travel.

What are the Top Ten Jet Setting Markets?

Salem, Oregon


Bend, Oregon


Eugene, Oregon


Tacoma, Washington


Monterey Bay, California


Scranton, Pennsylvania


Stockton, California


Olympia, Washington


Portland, Oregon


Southeastern Connecticut


Who has the Most City Spirit?

Honolulu, Hawaii


Omaha, Nebraska


Lincoln, Nebraska


Sarasota, Florida


Lafayette, Louisiana


New Orleans, Louisiana


Anchorage, Alaska


Mobile, Alabama


Louisville, Kentucky


St. Louis, Missouri


If you’re hankering to get away, check out our latest Escapes. We’re going to start packing our bags for Omaha to discover what makes the Gateway to the West so special.

Attention Android Users!

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LivingSocial has an upgraded app for Android. We have made it even easier to find, buy and share great deals from wherever you are – plus you can redeem deals using your smartphone or tablet and never print another voucher.

Some of the new features of the app include:

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Download the app here or visit here for a direct download link to your phone.


Ready, Set, Spruce

459949807Most Americans partake in some type of spring cleaning. In fact, according to the American Cleaning Institute, 72 percent of households engage in this annual tidying tradition.

Maybe you find motivation in the warmer weather – or maybe from that smell coming from the basement. Whatever your reason for sprucing this season, LivingSocial is here to help you get your house in order while keeping your pocketbook in check with our Spruce Up for Spring collection, featuring nearby deals to help you be the best on the block. Check it out to see the offers available in your city.

Also included are national deals to pamper your place wherever you may reside, like this handcrafted root wood bowl by bambeco, colorful Adirondack chairs for your patio, or these gorgeous solar-powered lanterns that your lawn will love.

And for a full day only on Thursday, April 3, you can save 15% on your LivingSocial purchase by using the code 15OFFSPRING at checkout. (Offer is valid April 3 at 12am ET through April 3 at 11:59pm ET.)


We love the tips from the experts at US News on some smart spring maintenance projects to help you save even more time and money down the line. For instance, cleaning your refrigerator coils will help your perishables stay fresh longer – all it takes is vacuuming the dirt and dust behind your fridge.

Another easy do-it-yourself is a quick check of your washing machine hoses. Cracks can cause leaks and over time, mold and water damage, so if they look shoddy, just pick up a replacement from your local hardware store.

Got a green thumb? Consider location before you dig into landscaping. Planting deciduous trees (ones that lose leaves annually) near windows offer shade, allowing your casa to stay cool during the hot summer months. Your AC bill will thank you.

Get sprucing!

We Have Ourselves a Deal

Nothing seals a deal quite like a firm handshake. After placing a bet or closing a deal, it’s a sign of trust that we’ve come to expect. And although we can’t be right there with you when you make a LivingSocial purchase, we hope you’ll accept our Good Deal Guarantee as a close second.

We always work hard to bring you great deals from the best merchants. When you see a deal on our site, we want you to feel confident that your purchase will leave you with a smile. The goal of the Good Deal Guarantee is to make it easier for you to get the best value out of your LivingSocial experience — think of it as our virtual handshake with you!

With the Good Deal Guarantee, you can shop with peace of mind knowing you’re browsing quality deals and have ample time to receive refunds. If you change your mind (whatever the reason), just click “Ask for a Refund” on your ‘My Vouchers’ page to apply for an automatic refund on unredeemed, unscheduled vouchers. We know you’re busy — you don’t have to call or write — just click. And if you’d like your money back after the seventh day of purchase, we’re glad to give you Deal Bucks back for the price you paid, so long as the voucher hasn’t expired.

The Good Deal Guarantee gives you more faith in the deals we offer. That’s not only good news for LivingSocial, but also for our merchant partners. We’re continuing to work with merchants to better understand redemption trends and the reasons for refunds, so they can grow their business and keep customers like you happy.

Bottom line — we want you to keep coming back, so if you ever have trouble redeeming a voucher, let us know. Good deal? Let’s shake on it.

It’s baaack! Best of the Best Spring 2014 Edition



From the Stooges, to primary colors, to the classic BLT sandwich, there are a lot of terrific things out there that come in threes. Really though, how could friends ever settle spats amicably without the game of rock, paper, scissors as a respected decision-maker? Three is key.

That’s something we at LivingSocial took into account when coming up with our annual Spring Best of the Best campaign. On sale today, the Best of the Best features three back-by-popular-demand deals in dozens of cities – one restaurant, one entertainment event, and one health and beauty offer. These much-adored merchants were hand-chosen by us for being highly popular deals among members.

In addition to the great local offers, Best of the Best also highlights many tried and true national merchants. How about a strapping three piece suit for the man in your life from British retailer Charles Tyrwhitt? We’re also highlighting some of our fan favorite Escapes packages.

Check out the Best of the Best where you live now – and don’t forget when you get three of your friends to buy a deal using your referral link, you’ll get the one you purchased free of charge. And with our Good Deal Guarantee, you can shop with confidence knowing that if you change your mind on a deal, all it takes is one click of the automatic refund button to get your money back. Bing, bang, boom.

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